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CFTR Mutations: 242 are known to be CF‑causing1*

Approximately 2000 mutations in the CFTR gene have been identified to date, although the majority are extremely rare. Not all CFTR mutations lead to CF. To date, only 242 CFTR mutations have been confirmed as CF-causing.1-7

  • F508del is the most common CFTR mutation worldwide
    • Up to 92% of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) have an F508del mutation on at least one allele
    • This frequency varies among countries and ethnic groups
  • Frequency and mutational diversity vary among countries

Most Commonly Occurring Mutations in Selected Regions

Mutation United States Canada Europe Australia
621+1G→T X X X
1717-1G→A X X
2789+5G→A X
3120+1G→A X
3849+10kbC→T X
A455E X
F508del X X X X
G542X X X X X
G551D X X X X
N1303K X X X
R117H X X
R553X X
W1282X X X
Most common mutations are taken from the CF patient registries in each region. Mutations occurring in >1% of patients are included for all regions except Canada, whose registry lists only the 5 most common mutations, all of which occur on one or both alleles in ≥2.6% of patients.

Learn more about the global prevalence of CFTR mutations.

*Based on patient registry data in CFTR2 database, August 13, 2015.1

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